Bucket Truck, Crane, and Climbing Services

It’s not just that our crews are professional and experienced, we also have the right mix of equipment to safely complete almost any job. Tree pruning and removals aren’t always straightforward, there are often structures, power and utility lines, access challenges, and property boundaries to consider.

That’s why at Scally’s Tree Services we offer, Meet with a Pro. Complete the form and we’ll conduct a complimentary, in-person project assessment. We’ll take the time to discuss all pruning and removal options to get your yard looking just right, as well as the ideal methods to achieve the job safely and cleanly. We’ll also explore the full property to be certain our crews are aware of any and all issues that could play into the project at hand. Our professional team schedules assistance from power and utility companies and police details as needed.

Limited access to the trees and shrubs in question can be challenging, which is why we’ve invested in the specific combination of equipment we own - to minimize the risk of property damage and personal injury and allow our team unrestricted access to those hard-to-reach places.

Our 75’ Bucket Truck can reach almost anything and makes our work safer and easier. Crane Services are available for those monster trees that are ready to come down, making removal a quick, efficient process. Climbers skillfully approach the zero-access areas to remove limbs and entire trees as determined by the project scope.

Our log truck handles branches, limbs, trees, and debris so nothing is left behind when the job is complete - unless you request it! Clean-up is a real differentiator for Scally’s Tree Service. Our crews leave each job site so clean; that you won’t even know they were there.