Removals & Emergency Services

Hazardous tree removal is highly technical and requires skill and experience. Our crews are diligent about safely removing full trees, problem branches, and limbs to ensure a healthy canopy and to create space to enjoy pools, patios, and entertainment areas.

Potential hazards include:
Tree Decay is when rot or disease weakens a tree to the point that removal is necessary. Branches encroaching on structures, power, and utility lines are extremely dangerous and should be trimmed or removed to maintain proper clearance and avoid injuries and property damage. Roots can sometimes grow into and break sewer and water lines, and can also cause sidewalks to lift, creating tripping hazards.

Sometimes it’s not a hazardous situation but is about aesthetics and useable yard space. Our time-tested and progressive methods are applied to safely remove the obstruction and create more enjoyable space.
Rotting or overgrown trees are safety threats, and we’re ready to help. Scally’s Tree Service specializes in full Tree Removals and Emergency Tree Removal Services. We’re equipped to proactively identify potential issues from ice and windstorms that may not be obvious to property owners. We recommend scheduling time to Meet with a Pro and we’ll perform a complimentary and in-person project assessment.

When storm damage occurs, our crews are prepared to safely remove the hazard, whether a full tree or debris, we'll clean up driveways, and walkways, and open up access to homes and yards. Year-round, 24/7 services are available.